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My own solo tour

Well I have re-vamped my website and it appears that I have an empty blog. So a few quick words to kick this thing off.

As you will see from the Title I have indeed started my own solo tour. It is classed as a UK tour but since I don't ever leave England I suppose it should be 'A tour of England' but that sounds a little divisive. So with apologies to my friends and fans in Scotland, Wales and Ireland I will contuse to brazenly say it's a UK tour!

As I type I have only do one date of the tour, Epsom on the 1st of Feb. It was a great night with a small but full room of fans or people who just wanted to see who this John Archer guy was.

It's a little odd doing a tour. I have been touring for 24 years but just to places where I was booked. This feels the same but different. I think it is maybe because I am aware that people have paid their hard earned cash direct to a Theatre to see me and nobody else.

It is daunting but fun and exciting and I have decided that taking risks and doing new things is the way to go these days.

If you happen to be at a loose end and fancy watching me take these risks then have a look at dates on my News page and maybe come along and join the fun.

John Archer - Against The Odds Tour.
John Archer - Against The Odds Tour

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1 Comment

Carol W
Carol W
Dec 24, 2022

Just seen you in Snow White. Best in show. 🎉

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