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Gigs, Tour Dates & Other News


As ever, a large part of my work is private events, but I will keep you updated on what you might be able to head along to and catch me.


Last year's Panto in Wimbledon was a big success, and keep your eyes peeled for when and where I will be in Panto this December.



Tim Vine BREEEEP tour.




A lot of 2023 is being taken up with me supporting Tim Vine on his UK tour strangely titled "BREEEEP" If you wish to come along, a few venues still have tickets (many are sold out). Check out Tim's website and click HERE for a complete date and venue list.


I am also continuing my little musical escape with Big Buddy Holly and The Croquettes, and we will be doing a few festival appearances and small theatre shows next year.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates and other news.

John Archer as Big Buddy Holly with The Croquettes, Tim and Jake Smithies
John Archer in Snow White at The New Wimbledon Theatre.
John Archer Supporting Tim Vine in his UK Breeeep tou
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