John Archer 1 on 1 Consulations

A new opportunity for comedy magicians to discuss their act and performance with John.

With a global lockdown making performance difficult right now we are all trying to find new ways to pay the bills, including John. So available from the 13th of October 2020 till further notice why not take advantage of this opportunity and purchase an hour (or more) of John's time to discuss your act and performance with him.

Subjects for discussion could be:

 Writing, Character, Material Choice, Audience Issues, Timing/Rhythm, Delivery, Direction, Editing, Commitment, Originality, Creativity, Venues, Stage Management and a host of other things. 

John can't promise that he will make you a star or turn your whole act around, but he can promise that he will try.**

If you are a friend just consider it a chat with a gift !


If you plan to book a session with John then plan ahead as to what specifically you would like to discuss. An hour can go quickly so use the time well.

John's diary does change from day to day so all bookings are subject to change with mutual agreement from both parties

If you have any issues with payment or booking please contact John at

See below for some options of how you can buy John's time.

  • Spend an hour with John to pick his brains & look at your work.

    1 hr

    80 British pounds
  • One on one zoom meeting with John. Includes material review option.

    1 hr

    130 British pounds
  • 5 'One on One' 1Hr consultations for the price of 4. (£320 for 5x1hr)

    1 hr

    320 British pounds